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People Analytics Leaders Workgroup is a series of short events intended for people analytics leaders from all industries. The goal of the series is to identify upcoming PA trends, articulate industry- and company-level PA challenges and propose solutions. 

People Analytics is a game changing....

People Analytics Leaders Workgroup brings together research and forward-thinking professionals to discuss, collaborate, and anticipate trends and best practices in HR analytics. 

PA Leaders Workgroup is designed to serve as a true driver of organizational innovation in this area as well as a platform for knowledge exchange and industry-level solutions. 

Our Peer Group Meetings allow our members to learn, develop, and grow in the field of people analytics by interacting with peers regularly. Delivered quarterly, our in-person meetings provide a confidential and reflective environment to learn and network. We enable members to discuss trends and insights during which participants link the research findings to their daily analytics work and experience. Our belief is that less is more, so we focus our energy on delivering a small number of topics in great depth at each meeting.

As part of a 12 month membership, the client can attend two meetings each for two nominated people at any of the meetings.


To register for one of the workgroup meetings, please fill out the form. 

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