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New 2018 Employer Branding in IT report!

In collaboration with our long-time friends and colleagues from Fenix HR, our Alathea research team has completed the new 2018 Employer Branding in IT report! After a month of data collection and wide-ranging analysis of employer branding practices in the IT industry in Serbia, we have come to some amazing insights about how employer branding is transforming contemporary IT recruitment and retention efforts.

Thirty-two companies in the Serbian IT industry participated in our survey - three quarters of our sample (74%) were foreign-owned and 26% Serbian-owned IT companies. We've sampled small, medium and large IT companies and our respondents included IT CEOs (22.6%), HR/Talent managers (45.2%) and HR specialists (32.3%).

In addition to the mountain of data on what IT industry is currently doing (and not doing) in this area, we are taking our readers on a employer branding journey through all the phases of employer branding strategy development. The report has 26 pages and 9 parts that present a detailed roadmap for how to design and implement EB strategy, measure impact and overcome common challenges:

I Setting the direction

II Who owns employer branding?

III Gathering input

IV Strategy development

V Employer branding activities

VI Candidate experience

VII Employees as brand ambassadors

VIII Measuring the impact of EB

IX Employer branding challenges

If your company has participated in this important research (you know who you are!), your free section of the report should be arriving in your mailbox any minute!

Employer branding in IT Serbia 2018

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